What brand of curlers is good

Curly hair stick is a hair DIY tools, hair salons and hairdressers at the current hairdresser will hold a set of curling iron tools. Only a few beautiful women will own this product DIY. Want to have a beautiful fashion curly hairstyle, but do not want to go to the hairdresser get it? Then DIY DIY beautiful curly hair at home. Own curly hairstyle, in addition to using the curly hair, you can also use the curly hair Oh. In fact, DIY use curly hair stick is also very simple, just a few steps you can create a beautiful hairstyle.

Faced with an array of curling irons on the market, women's friends are offered a wider choice of space while making many female friends know what to do. They do not know which brand of hair curlers is good and how to choose. It is recommended that the majority of female friends in the purchase of curly hair sticks, to the Internet for information about the curly hair stick brand or you can also refer to the top ten brands of authoritative brand website curly hair stick ten brands, as follows:

Sassoon VS (founded in 1954 in the United Kingdom, Procter & Gamble (P & G) produced, one of the world's largest daily necessities companies, the world's top 500 enterprises, Procter & Gamble (China) Co., Ltd.)

Philips PHILIPS (founded in 1891 in the Netherlands, China Famous Brand, the world's leading brands, the world's 100 most valuable brands, Philips Electronics (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)

Panasonic Panasonic (one of the Fortune 500 companies, world brands, major multinational corporations, one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. in 1918 Japan)

Braun BRAUN (founded in 1921 in Germany, Procter & Gamble, the small household appliances industry famous brands, large multinational corporations, European and American high-end market brand, Germany Braun Ltd.)

Tan Carpenter (Well-known trademarks in China, listed companies, re-order of the city intangible cultural heritage directory, famous for wood combing supplies / accessories, Tan Carpenter Holdings Limited)

Wei Jia WIK (in the 20th century, 50 in Germany, high-quality electrical appliances manufacturers, the leading European home appliance manufacturers, small household appliances industry famous brand, Shenzhen Wei Jia Electric Co., Ltd.)

Kang Fu (China Famous Brand, Guangdong famous brand, set the development, design, production and marketing of electrical manufacturing enterprises, Guangdong Huaneng Da Electric Co., Ltd.)

Flying Branch FLYCO (China Famous Brand, involved in the development of national standards for the razor industry, set Razor and small household appliances R & D manufacturing and sales enterprises, Zhejiang Flying Branch Group Co., Ltd.)

Pentium POVOS (China Famous Brand, Shanghai Famous Trademark, High-tech Enterprise, Top Ten Shaver Brands, Shanghai Famous Brand, Shanghai Pentium Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd.)

Riwei Rewell (China Famous Brand, Ningbo brand, brand influence industry, set research and development, production and sales of integrated small household electrical appliance enterprises, Shanghai Riwei Electric Co., Ltd.)