Steps to Use a Curling Iron Like a Pro (1)

We all seem to want what we don't have. Those with curls want straight hair, and those with straight hair just want pretty curls. It's not so easy, though: You spend all that time and energy only to have your hair frizz and fro up like a clown's or fall after just an hour or two. Sure, there are bazillions of tutorials available, but they can be involved and require tools and products you don't have.

Never mind all that: We're here with some truly useful, practical, real-world tips that will help you curl your hair like a professional—and keep the look.

Choose the Right Size Tool for the Job
The size of the barrel on your curling iron will make a big difference in the results. As you might expect, small-diameter curling irons (1 inch or smaller) create small curls. Obviously, small curls take longer because you must wind less hair at a time on the small barrel; winding hair over itself creates problems because the last hair to get on there is exposed to less heat and therefore curls less. Larger curling irons (1.5 inches or larger) create larger curls that are more like waves. 

The length of your hair in relation to the size of the curling iron makes a big difference in the amount of curl you achieve, too. The more times you can wrap your hair around the barrel without overlapping, the more curl you will achieve.