How to use hair straighteners?hair straighteners usage and precautions

Hair straightener use is:

After plug in for about 5 minutes, touch the shell is hot (do not touch inside, hot dead!), After the heat can pick up a handful of hair, straight, and then use hair straighteners Sandwiched from top to bottom pull ~ ~ If the hair is very curly kind, you can stay on the hair and then slowly pull down, but do not stay too long. Pull the hair to straighten it all over again. (Usually just pull the outer layer, which do not need to get out of sight, after all, still quite a waste of time.)
After pulling the hair, the hair straightener plugs out, put on some not afraid of the heat above (can not be placed on the newspaper ah, towels and so on ah, hair straightener is very hot, afraid of causing a fire.), So it changes Let it cool after it's cold Can not be used up directly, it will cause a fire. . .

By the way, if you use hair straightener to pull your hair, you must wait for the hair to dry completely and not wet it. Otherwise, hair and hair straighteners are not good!

Hair straighteners are:

Hair straighteners are high temperature electrical appliances, do not touch the heating plate by hand;
Practical hair straightener waist to determine the hair has been dry; use should pay attention to straight hair to keep moving, do not stay in the hair;
Not more than the number of hair caught each time, too thick, or straight hair effect is not good;

After each utility has to wait until the hair straightener temperature dropped to room temperature before storage and storage