How to use hair straightener not hurt? Beautiful shape health indispensable,top 10 hair straighteners

Top 10 hair straighteners, also known as electric splint, is the heating element to soften the hair after heating and then cooling, in order to achieve the purpose of straight hair. Now hair straightener has become a beauty tool commonly used hairdressing tools. However, how to use the hair straightener at home to reduce the damage to the hair? Like to use hair straightener DIY hair at home MM must learn Oh.

 Hair straightener can be hair, but the hair at the same time, it will also hurt the hair styling. This is probably what people are saying: Beauty comes at a price. If we can let us have a beautiful hairstyle without paying it? Loyal fans like to use hair straighteners must take a look Xiaobian to everyone straight hair how to use to minimize the damage to the small TIPS, so you have a beautiful shape at the same time also maintain the health of hair Oh .

Straight hair how to use:
1, often use the hair straightener hair MM are the best choice when using shampoo with a hot fix after the shampoo, because the hair straightener is also heated by the principle of straightening hair.

2, before using the hair straightener, be sure to use a straight hair cream or heat spray, do not use hair gel or jelly water.

3, the use of hair straightener must be used after the hair completely dry.

4, after the hair is completely dry, with a comb to comb the hair straight after the hair is divided into a strands of hair. Put a small strand of hair into the hair straightener while moving the hair straightener to pull the hair from the hair root. Always remember to move your hair straightener, because staying in a hair straightener for long periods of time can be very damaging to your hair.

5, try to use less hair straightener frequency, do not use hair straightener every day.