Hair Straightener introduction and classification,hair straightener with steam

hair straightener with steam

What is the hair straightener it, first of all to explain to everyone, hair straightener, also known as splint, is a hair straightener for electronic products, the technology originated in 1995, the use of electromagnetic principle to make an object ( That is, the heating element, hereinafter referred to as the heating element) generates heat, which is transmitted to a plate through the temperature of the heating element. The hair is straightened by the high temperature, and the temperature is about 200 degrees. International Beauty Authority designated the best modeling temperature of 220 degrees, but in China, the general temperature of 160 degrees - 200 degrees. The hair straightener development has changed dramatically today, not only can be straight hair, as well as hair curlers and clip out the function of the wave. Also emits ozone and negative ions. From 2007 has entered the family personal market, at home can be a SPA to be a hair. 21st century hair straighteners will enter the Chinese home market, will be developed into an essential product for personal care, as the popularity of combs.

Straight hair classification
1) Hair straighteners can be divided into ceramic heating element, PTC heating element and MCH heating element according to different heating elements.
Ceramic heating element has the advantage of environmental protection, heating speed, generally 30 seconds to 45 seconds can make the splint surface temperature reached 200 degrees.But because the ceramic heating element is sintered at high temperature above 1000 degrees, the temperature in the circuit loss of control, Will quickly exceed 300 degrees, it will burn out the plastic material of the fixed heating plate, so that the heating plate off, may come into contact with the user and burn the skin.

PTC is the abbreviation of Positive Temperature Coefficient, the translator is the positive temperature coefficient, referred to as PTC thermistor. PTC is also sintered at high temperatures, but the maximum surface temperature can be controlled during sintering, according to the manufacturer's request, The surface is sintered to about 280 degrees, or any temperature the manufacturer wants, usually sintered to 230 degrees to 280 degrees, but its disadvantage is that the temperature is raised to 200 degrees slower, usually in a half or two minutes or so. In use, can not continue as the ceramic heating body at a higher temperature straightening hair slightly worse.

2) hair straighteners in accordance with the different materials of the heating plate, can be divided into: pure ceramic heating plate, the surface of ceramic glaze sprayed aluminum, glass-ceramic
The advantages of ceramic heating plate is environmental protection, insulation performance, good safety, the disadvantage is the long processing cycle, processing more, and due to the edge is very smooth and difficult to handle, the process of straightening the hair will be a little pulling the hair.

The advantages of aluminum spray ceramic glaze is easy to produce, in addition due to mechanical molding, the edge is very smooth, will not pull the hair .Because the surface is pottery ceramic glaze, hair is also very good effect. The disadvantage is due to the metal itself is not insulated, to The internal heating element insulation treatment, in order to avoid leakage caused by security risks.

Glass-ceramic plate less application, mainly because the surface is not as smooth as the ceramic glaze, the other is not easy to form a fixed, to redesign the product structure.

3) hair straighteners from the structural distinction, generally divided into two types of V and X, early popular X-type, but this year V-type is more popular because the V-type can not only straighten the hair, the appearance of streamlined hair straightener , Can also be used to curly hair, more and more hairdressers use hair straighteners curly hair.

4) Hair straightener According to different power, divided into wired hair straightener and wireless rechargeable hair straightener
A wired hair straightener is a hair straightener that works by connecting mains to a power supply. The wirelessly-charging hair straightener charges a rechargeable battery through a charger and uses the battery as a power source.

Wired hair straighteners benefits can be continuous work, the disadvantage is that if the hair straightener design and production of unreasonable control, there will be a security risk, another use of a power cord will be inconvenient, the other is to go out carrying inconvenient. The benefits of the device is safe, because it is tributary power supply, the other is easy to travel to travel.But the disadvantage of wireless hair straighteners is that each charge can only work 30 minutes to 1 hour.

5) Hair straighteners can be divided into wide board, medium board, narrow version and mini type according to the size

Straight hair board straight hair board length is 90MM, the width of 42MM, board straight hair board length is generally 90MM, a width of 24MM, narrow board straight hair board length is generally 80-90MM, a width of 13-14MM, mini straight hair board length is generally 60MM, the width of 13-14MM.

6) hair straightener in accordance with the type of sub, can be divided into ordinary type and wet and dry type. Ordinary hair straightener must be in the hair when the hair dryer to dry hair, wet and dry type can pull wet hair. Straight hair straightener wet and dry plate to have 8-10 pores, so that water can be turned into steam from the stomata.

7) Voltage and export country classification, the plug has China plug, Europe plug, the United States plug (the United States leakage protection plug), Australia plug, Japan plug, Germany plug, South Africa plug, plug the British plug. Voltage: 110V-240V global voltage also has, for a particular country, a specific voltage or current.