Electronic hairdressing, to shape not hurt, magic hair styling tool

To the hair salon shampoo, to the hair when the hair stylist will ask: What do you want to blow hair shape it? Because we now have a variety of hair electronics, as long as the hair is not too short, now you can always choose straight hair or curly hair styling, do not even need a hair stylist to help, we DIY line with your magic hair styling tool! Just so many hair electronic products on the market, at first glance, functional differences are not large, how do we choose?
Q: There are so many hair straighteners on the market, curly hair sticks, similar functions, when we choose where to start?

A: hairdressing electronic products are designed for convenience, the most important function is naturally straight hair or curly hair. If you want long-term use, the biggest difference is that they are styling at the same time there is no hair care function.

Buy a precise temperature control of the product, can reduce the damage to the hair. Hair styling product temperature can not exceed 200 ℃ When ordinary hair heating to 200 ℃, the main component of the protein began to degeneration, will seriously damage the health of the hair. Tough thicker hair is more difficult to shape, care, heating and chemical treatment takes longer; the other hand, slender hair is more soft hair, although easy to manage, but the heat is more likely to penetrate the slender hair , So no matter what kind of hair, hair electronic products need temperature control.

Q: How to use hairdressing electronics to get the desired effect?

A: This requires some simple tips. Straight hair, curly hair skills are somewhat different.

Blow dry hair first, but to maintain the natural humidity, comb the hair smoothly, lay the foundation for the ideal shape effect. Blown hair also has the skill to blow the hair to a semi-dry shape, and then comb it gently with a round hair comb and blow it all the way, always moving hair from the hair roots to the hair. If only the hairdryer style, the last to use the wind to hairstyle stereotypes.

Straight hair, the hair is divided into multiple areas, starting near the hair roots, from the bottom to the top management. Sandwiched hair should be up to 3 to 4 cm, straighten hair in batches, the action should be slow and steady, do not stay halfway over 2 seconds. For a more secure control of the hair straightener, it is best to use both hands while sliding to operate; clip to the hair, you can play to creativity and change the shape, before releasing the hair straightener, the hair straightener slowly outside or inward rotation , You can form a curly hair tail.

When curly hair, the hair is divided into multiple 绺 (each 绺 up to 3 to 4 cm), the upper part of the folder, starting from the lower management. Starting from the hair tips, carefully wrapped around the hair root hair, hold a few seconds and gently open the hair pliers, release the curls. After all the hair has been curled up, gently smooth your hair with your fingers to make the waves appear fluffy and natural. Finally, spray a thin layer of styling spray and grab the curls.

Q: When buying, how to verify the quality of hairdressing electronics? 

A: First, you should look at the product nameplate signs, such as: model, specifications, rated voltage, rated power, manufacturer information, whether there is a warning symbol can not be close to the water and so on. In addition, in addition to ion hair comb, hairdryer, hair straighteners, curlers should be affixed with the CCC certification mark.

Second, consumers can observe the product. If the shell is solid, the power cord and the body connection is tight.

Finally, consumers can verify their performance. After boot to see if any abnormal situation occurred.